A music ‘playlist is character’ (pg 23, Levy 2006)

It’s an odd thought . . . but true in its own right. Music is a very expressive medium that can easily change our thoughts and feelings towards situations throughout our daily lives. With that being said, there is no wonder that people have the need to classify an individual’s personality based on what music they listen to. E.g. Hip-Hop/Rap equals Gangster, Classical equals a Wealthy Person, House/Techno equals a Clubber, etc.

Despite all of this, should our judgement of an individual’s music taste really reflect who they are as a person? Are our judgements always right?

On a slightly different note, the communal culture of new media compels people to freely share with others new information whether it is music, video, games or anything else for that matter. Some communities are compelled to the point where they feel that they have a greater ‘social capital’ compared to their counterparts.

A recently discovered Youtube video showcases this point quite clearly:

According to Singh (2008), “[d]igital distribution will lower barriers to entry for independent filmmakers.”

While that may be a good prospect in the short term, what about the long term? Greater competition amongst independent filmmakers would be generated in the short term; however, this could lead to an online market which is tough to enter because of the vast amount of content available to audiences.


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